Meet Our Team

We all believe that when it comes to IT investment certainty's good, and that focussing on quality produces the maximum impact in achieving better business outcomes. 

To achieve this we bring together the best quality assurance specialists able to deliver expertise across a project or programme lifecycle. 

Meet some of the team behind our clients' and people's success.

John Campbell

General Manager


After performing the role of the Wellington Test Practice Manager for a couple of years, John was appointed as Head of Delivery in 2012 and now in 2016 the General Manager of the Central Region. John’s focus is to oversee account management and service delivery at Qual IT’s key clients.

John has an extensive background in IT management and leadership across a number of industries and disciplines and backed by a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management from Victoria University.

John is a lover of all things culture and enjoys good sport and good food, and has been known to take advantage of his famous namesake when trying to secure a last minute table at the best restaurants.

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