Meet Our Team

We all believe that when it comes to IT investment certainty's good, and that focussing on quality produces the maximum impact in achieving better business outcomes. 

To achieve this we bring together the best quality assurance specialists able to deliver expertise across a project or programme lifecycle. 

Meet some of the team behind our clients' and people's success.

Mark Young

General Manager


Mark is responsible for the continued, sustainable growth of Qual IT in our southern region. 

Mark started his career as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG and EY both in New Zealand and overseas. He was fairly quickly drawn towards the variety of consulting and the world of IT.

He then spent 20 years specialising in IT, moving through consulting and implementation roles to sales, leadership and management roles. He has been exposed to many companies across a wide range of industries and enjoys helping those organisations achieve great outcomes through the application of technology.

His previous role was leading the South Island sales team for a 400 person strong IT services company, and he was part of the Business Leadership Group.

Outside of work, Mark enjoys family time, chasing fish but not actually catching any, and is a passionate Southern lad who enjoys boating, water and snow skiing and getting lost in the bush or mountains.

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