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We all believe that when it comes to IT investment certainty's good, and that focussing on quality produces the maximum impact in achieving better business outcomes. 

To achieve this we bring together the best quality assurance specialists able to deliver expertise across a project or programme lifecycle. 

Meet some of the team behind our clients' and people's success.

Ranui Robertson

Delivery Consultant


Ranui joined Qual IT after graduating from Otago University in 2012 as the ‘Face of Qual IT’ in reception. It became apparent that she had a passion for engaging with anyone and everyone she could get talking to.

Realising this, Ranui moved into the Delivery team as an administrative support to help those in client facing roles. Doing this only fueled that fire, encouraging her to then move into a Delivery Consultant Role and face clients of her own.

Now, as a Delivery Consultant, Ranui gets a kick out of engaging with her clients, building relationships, and finding out who and what they need to get their project humming. Ranui currently looks after NZ Police, among other clients, and enjoys any opportunity to get out from behind her desk and meet with contacts, both existing and new.

Ranui is a lover of food and sport – in that order. During the weekend you’ll find her throwing a ball around a softball diamond and trying not to get injured on a netball court, both closely followed with a cold craft beer at the local in Tawa.

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