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We all believe that when it comes to IT investment certainty's good, and that focussing on quality produces the maximum impact in achieving better business outcomes. 

To achieve this we bring together the best quality assurance specialists able to deliver expertise across a project or programme lifecycle. 

Meet some of the team behind our clients' and people's success.

Sharon Lee

Regional Practice Lead – Business Analysis


Sharon brings to Qual IT many years of experience as a Consultant in Business and Financial Analysis which she has gained across both the private and public sectors in New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland. Over the last few years, Sharon has moved into leadership roles and capability management. 

As a Change Management Practitioner, Sharon has a people-centric focussed approach and is a specialist in assessing business needs and guiding organisations in a strategic direction to achieve their goals.

Sharon is passionate about developing innovative solutions to drive business value to enable continuous growth and relishes collaborating with our clients and solidifying relationships - if there is a challenge to be had, then Sharon is up for it!

Away from work, Sharon is a lover of all things beach, culture, and exploration, and can often be found planning her next adventure. She is mad about staying fit and active, and is known for being the first on the dance floor or spontaneously bursting into musical show tunes.

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