Digital Transformations – Evolution from QA to Business Assurance

Thank you to my Co-Presenter Rowan Teh (Co-Founder of Boxfish) and to Testing Minds for hosting the wonderfully thought-provoking Test Automation and Digital QA Summit 2022. We got there in the end, and wow it was so good to reunite in person! #TAS22REUNITE 

The Summit showcased emerging trends, innovations, and challenges in the ever-evolving Software and Automation Testing world. Together, Rowan and I presented on how organisations can achieve greater change from digital transformations and on how the risks and demands on Quality Assurance (QA) are moving towards the need for Business Assurance.

This stems from the fact that significant risks are driven by process and people change rather than just technology alone. We looked at the next step-change in QA to Business Assurance and how to incorporate business process and organisational change risks as part of an overall Business Assurance approach, as well as the tools and techniques needed to manage business processes and organisational change risks.

Over the course of the Summit, all the talks stood out individually but also had recurring themes regarding how Digital Transformation is not just about standalone technology solutions. Speakers reiterated time and again throughout the day that it’s about building a foundation that can support future growth, having the assurance to enable change, and instilling confidence in the business. To do so, an emphasis on the actual needs of the business and the importance of elevating culture and business strategy and to encompass people and process are priorities.  

As people and professionals, we are constantly adapting and learning, so having events like this is crucial and an excellent platform for knowledge sharing with peers and other professionals on the latest trends and experiences. All the Summit’s speakers brought a different flavour and perspective to the event, but some of the key takeaways I took from the day were:

  1. Shift in focus required to provide assurance over business risks, not just technology
  2. Greater demand for T-shaped QA professionals
  3. Greater consideration of people change and process efficiency in quality assurance plans
  4. Business transformation is not achieved just through “digital” but through the power of people, process technology and innovation

Sharon Lee

Regional Practice Lead – Business Analysis

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