QA Success Story: RedBull Powder Company

Backed by Qual IT’s virtual CIO service RPC launches their digital transformation journey with a blast

Find out how Qual IT is helping RedBull Powder Company (RPC) update their IT practices and processes for the modern business environment by embarking on a Digital Transformation journey...


Need: RPC needed assistance in updating their administrative systems to prevent bottlenecks and identify automation opportunities across the business to help them grow.

Solution: Qual IT undertook a ‘Business Assurance’ review of RPC’s New Zealand-based back-office administrative systems to identify their IT needs. Qual IT then built a comprehensive understanding of RPC’s needs and issues that extended to the wider business in Australia and Hong Kong through a Needs Analysis. A Strategic Roadmap created the link between RPC’s needs and how the solutions would be delivered.

Outcome: Qual IT delivered a comprehensive review of RPC’s IT needs and will ensure the successful execution of their digital transformation journey through the provision of a virtual Chief Information Officer.


RedBull Powder Company (RPC) is New Zealand’s leading provider of blasting services for quarries, mines, and construction sites and has been operating in New Zealand for 25 years.

While RPC remains the market leader in field operations, it came to their attention that their manually-run, largely paper-based system for business administration was hindering the business’ growth aspirations, and leading to added duplication, unnecessary manual work, and uncertainty in decision making.

“Initially we were looking at simply reducing the paperwork across our finance department by automating our accounting system,” says Chris Pilmer, General Manager of RedBull Powder Company.

“But Qual IT pointed out that the small fixes start adding up and that it would actually be better to look at the big picture and update across the board.

“Qual IT was able to evaluate our business processes, define what we needed, and roadmap how we could achieve it.”

Qual IT’s focus began with the New Zealand operations for RPC but support soon extended further to the wider business in Australia and Hong Kong to align with the board’s growth aspirations. 


Identifying risks and opportunities

An initial Business Assurance assessment of RPC’s IT systems weighed up their perceived needs against an objective assessment and ensured they understood the journey they were embarking on. This provided them with greater certainty and confidence and validated their concerns about the system they were currently operating.

This was a critical step ahead of preparing the Strategic Roadmap, which relies on validation of the issues identified through the Business Assurance report and aligning these with RPC’s business strategy.

For RPC, one of their key business initiatives was to implement an automation system to create a foundation that would enable dynamic management reporting. This would not only relieve numerous bottlenecks in their reporting processes, but also improve the board’s visibility of productivity across the multinational business.

“The Business Assurance report and subsequent Strategic Roadmap has helped assure us that we are making the correct decisions and gives us confidence to move forward to delivering a quality outcome not only for our customers, but for the organisation,” says Chris.

This also provided Qual IT with a deeper understanding of the needs of RPC’s people, processes and technology required to support their growing business, as well as identifying any risks, and where the gaps and challenges were.

The Strategic Roadmap aligned the Business Assurance report’s recommendations with RPC’s business strategy to ensure Qual IT could also support the business for future growth and scalability.


Driving the Strategic Roadmap towards Digital Enablement for RPC by embracing expertise

Qual IT’s Business Assurance process and deep dive Needs Analysis provided the foundations for a detailed Digital Transformation Roadmap. This enabled RPC to respond promptly and enable change across the organisation when making decisions which would reflect business efficiency gains across the short, medium and long-term, and provided indications on any investments required.

Qual IT’s virtual CIO (vCIO) service provides assurance that the next stages of their digital transformation journey will be successful by ensuring their Senior Leadership Team has the necessary expertise and guidance to look at multiple aspects of their IT landscape, factoring in the strategic impact and value of their decision making.

“Having the virtual CIO makes the next stages of the process much easier and takes the pressure off our shoulders,” says Chris.

“It makes sense for us to carry on with Qual IT to implement the Strategic Roadmap which maps out what we need to do during our digital transformation journey. They have been with us every step of the way up to this point and they have the necessary skill set to help us make the key decisions we need to navigate the next stages of this journey.”

Qual IT's vCIO will continue to support RPC 's Senior Leadership Team in an active role through to completion of their digital transformation journey, at which point RPC will hire their own IT Manager to run their day-day IT Operations.


A modern business ready to keep growing

RPC has seen immediate value in undertaking a holistic review of the wider business’ IT needs and clearly understanding how to strategically implement the solutions needed to support their growing business.

“We knew we had to make improvements but needed Qual IT’s targeted approach to make sure we were heading in the right direction. They continue to keep us informed throughout the entire process and work with us to get the results we need,” says Chris.

“The digital transformation efforts so far have been hugely beneficial for our business; we can and will achieve more with the same resources.”

Reg Prasad, General Manager, Advisory & Northern Business at Qual IT, is pleased with the progress RPC is making and confident they’re setting themselves up to reach new heights in their industry through their technological transformation.

“We laid out what their current state of business was in an honest and transparent way and from there we are partnering with them to find a way forward,” says Reg.

“It’s about ensuring the right IT investments along with the right processes and governance are formed to ensure the Strategic Roadmap is implemented from the top down. And importantly, that the investments can operate with longevity and minimal costs along the way.”

RPC are continuing their Digital Transformation journey with continued support from Qual IT through the next stages.



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