Our consultants ensure your quality strategy is Cloud ready

With more and more software applications hosted in the cloud, it is essential that your quality strategy is able to identify the right approach, objectives and solution to ensure any complex challenges such as connectivity, data, latency or security are planned for.

Such challenges create a high-risk situation for organisations and very potential failure exposing an organisation and having a direct impact on the bottom line. So, with these challenges in mind, Quality Assurance (QA) across your cloud adoption approach is vital to ensure that your migration is fully managed via strategies, plans and governance.

Managing IT has become increasingly complex, and cloud services are a key element of change along the Transformational ‘journey’. As part of this journey, working with good providers, consultants and technical experts is key for any organisation, however what’s integral to success is a consistent objective focus of all the associated (and many) risks throughout the entire process.

Therein often lies the gap; to deliver Cloud services effectively, the various parties must be aligned with the overall quality outcomes of the organisation - challenging when the process is not managed centrally.

Keen to reduce risk and increase quality throughout your Cloud journey? This is how we can help:

  • Plan for overall QA from the start to ensure governance of your entire journey
  • Potential loss of data and extended or unplanned for downtime are the main risks when systems are being migrated. We future proof and mitigate risk at every corner
  • Cloud systems bring huge benefits to an organisation, but also have an adverse bearing on your reputation, revenue and costs if system performance is degraded and user satisfaction is impacted
  • The final aspect of mitigating cloud risk is simply having regular review processes in place

At Qual IT, our approach helps establish a QA mechanism that identifies, manages, monitors and measures the risks associated with the adoption of a cloud computing solution = less problems with your deployment. As part of a continuous improvement approach, we deploy the right teams and individuals to ensure frequent, independent and objective evaluations that drive system effectiveness and deliver the desired customer value.

Having a focused eye on quality throughout the process is critical to minimising turbulence on the journey. Qual IT can help reduce the risk of failure by:

  • Embedding QA in the process and asking the right questions of the project to identify the correct outcomes for your Cloud journey
  • Providing a “Fit for Purpose” QA and governance framework to enforce quality outcomes
  • Assessing the business requirements to identify any gaps between organisational needs and solution capabilities
  • Minimising risk by retaining a focus on risk management and development of appropriate mitigation strategies that deliver the desired project outcomes
  • Evaluating the key deliverables of your cloud journey and offering actionable recommendations to ensure those deliverables are achieved

Get in touch today! Our Cloud specialists will ensure your migration to Cloud services meets expectations, now and in the future.

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