Our Consultants can get your QA deliverables back on track

Whether it’s “out of the box” software implementations, “Lift and Shift” projects, or “Upgrade” projects, it is increasingly common for IT projects to lose their way.

Although every project is unique the issues they experience are usually very similar. The time allowed for QA coverage may be insufficient or missing altogether, or QA considerations have been taken too lightly and diluted too far to be effective. However, the QA function is where the cumulative effects of all previous project decisions and compromises get exposed and may start to cause project stakeholders some concern.

If you have projects that are displaying any of the following symptoms it may indicate that the project or programme could be taking a turn for the worse:

  • An absence of clarity around the current state
  • Missed delivery milestones
  • Significant scope change, including high volumes of Change Requests
  • Large defect volumes and a slow fix rate
  • Commercial renegotiations with vendors
  • A high staff turn-over or generally low morale within the project
  • Large amounts of effort being expended but little visible progress
  • A general lack of confidence in the ability to meet project objectives

Qual IT have significant real-world experience assessing and realigning “at risk” QA and testing programmes, so if a project is struggling or failing our Quality Consultants are well qualified to assist. Our QA Reset service can help your project reach the finish line through pragmatic, objective and impartial advice based on our Quality Consultants significant, hard-won, practical experience. They’ll be able to assist with:

  • Understanding and articulating the current state
  • Providing actionable QA remediation strategies designed to progress the project towards its quality objectives
  • Assessing the QA scope, schedule, support, risks, and issues
  • Assessing people, process and technology leading to action plans
  • Discussing and implementing action plans
  • Governance and assistance of delivery after assessment
  • Sponsor and stakeholder management
  • Resolution of challenges through transparent communication channels

We understand the need for clear communication to ensure a cohesive team approach to achieving the desired outcome, whether they be dates, capability, cost, or reputation and at all times we maintain and communicate to all stakeholders a clear understanding of “acceptable quality” within these parameters.

We appreciate that these situations can be delicate and we guarantee discretion around any conversations we may have with you. So, give us a call today and arrange an in-confidence discussion with our QA Reset specialist   Steve Tucker  to get you back on track.

Looking for more information? You can read more about why independent quality assessments matter in the post   'How Independent Quality Assurance can help deliver your “problem” project'  on the blog.

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