Our Consultants can lead a risk intelligence-based approach

Businesses embarking on technology transformation face risks through every business decision and operational choice made. The successful decision drives a reward, attained with the management or better, prediction of the risk.

Whilst most organisations do have a layer of risk management embedded as part of their Governance, Risk and Compliance processes, the perceptions of risks are seldom aligned between business leaders and operational teams. This fosters limitations in decision-making, business continuity, and the potential for success  

Risk Intelligence is designed to support organisations with modernised intelligent risk decision-making.

Risk Intelligence navigates through defined ‘dimensions’ that a typical enterprise programme or project would experience through its journey from Ideation to Design, Development, and Release. Whilst projects may be well into the journey, we will collaborate with you on areas of focus to interpret the risk indicators that are important to you. Ultimately, aligning the perception of risk between your stakeholders and the wider team.

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Our Consulting team also have experts working across the following specialist fields: 

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